Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dust-in Time?

Verbal pontification today: my thoughts on Dustin McGowan's contract extension.

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  1. Nice piece of work. I disagree with you that his best days are behind him but obviously this depends on his health. If he is in fact able to remain healthy and pitch near his potential AA will look like a genius and should have himself a solid number 3 starter. If not...you can make much bigger mistakes than throwing out 1.5 mil a yr for a guy whose worked his butt off for this organization.

  2. Another solid opinion my friend....Yeah totally don't understand why they gave him an extension now, and maybe wait until he proves himself, but hey if it works out #GeniusMove

  3. True, $1.5M is not a huge investment. I'm more concerned that he'll occupy a roster spot that could otherwise be used on someone whose future is less precarious.

    Also, I think it's naive to suggest that he worked his butt off for the organization; he worked his butt off because playing professional baseball is vastly superior to the unemployment he would have otherwise.

  4. Yeah agreed he had nothing to lose by trying to get back to where he was. Better to play a pro sport then work a real job!