Friday, April 15, 2011

Why, Pesky? Why?

Fenway Park is arguably the most storied baseball sanctuary in the history of the game, and without question, the nuance of that diamond is an indispensable part of the Red Sox's identity.


With Clay Buchholz in dire need of a good outing after fashioning a 7.20 ERA through his first two starts of the season, the Jays had him on the ropes in the first inning on Friday night after a four-pitch walk to Yunel Escobar to start the game and another free pass to Bautista two batters later.

But then, with cleanup hitter Adam Lind at the dish, the Red Sox were benefactors of some serious home-field advantage -- completely inadvertently, mind you -- when an Adam Lind "homer" to right field that bounced between the foul line and Pesky's Pole and ultimately landed in the bleachers was deemed a foul ball upon review.

If the Jays go on to lose this one, I'm putting it squarely on Pesky's shoulders.

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